What is a Filthy Friday?

Filthy Friday began with a simple question asked at Cemoh HQ, What's for lunch today? From there it has evolved into Cemoh HQ's weekly Friday lunch for the team. It's named after the type of food that is generally ordered, unhealthy and messy!

It's not always unhealthy or messy, but it is a weekly ritual! All our Cemoh's are welcome to join the team lunch, often you will find clients and Cemoh's sitting shoulder to shoulder eating, Cemohs & Clients are always welcome, but be prepared, you may be called on to arrange the lunch!

How to Organise Filthy Friday

Over time it has become a weekly ritual, every week it's a different persons turn to arrange lunch, with the only three rules applied:

  1. Be on time! Nobody like waiting for lunch, the food should be arriving at the office by 12.15pm. Any later and the hungry people waiting may not be so welcoming on your return.

  2. Choose wisely! Choose a provider who is close by, easy to order from and most importantly, delicious!

  3. Don't go over budget! There is a $20 per person budget to follow when ordering, make sure you stick to it so there is no over ordering.

Generally the person responsible will need to circulate a menu to the team, take orders and arrange collection of the food!

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