Rescheduling a Day for a Client

The Cemoh App allows you to easily reschedule days with a client. There are some guidelines to follow for this process.

Rescheduling a day is the best way to ensure your monthly revenue is not negatively impacted. Rescheduling is the preference over cancelling days.

Rescheduling in the same month is ideal, however not mandatory.

Rescheduling a day requires confirmation from your client. You would request a change if:

  • The day you are scheduled to work is a public holiday

  • You are sick or unable to work on your scheduled day

  • The office is closed on that specific day

  • There is an event or activity that you need to attend

To ensure that the client is aware of the rescheduling, an automated alert is sent to you, Cemoh HQ and the client.

🛑Rescheduling to a different month will alter your monthly revenue forecast🛑

To reschedule a day in the app, select the drop down option for the day you wish to reschedule.

Select the day you are rescheduling to, then press the reschedule button.

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