Cancelling a Scheduled Day for a Client

The Cemoh App allows you to easily cancel scheduled days with a client. However, cancelling a day impacts your monthly earnings, you can't invoice for a canceled day.

Rescheduling a day is the best way to ensure your monthly revenue is not negatively impacted.

Cancelling a day with your client can impact their business, so before doing so please ensure:

  • That the day cannot be rescheduled to another day in the week or month

  • That you can't complete the day remotely

  • As a last resort, the day cannot be rescheduled to another month

To ensure that the client is aware of the cancellation, an automated alert is sent to you, Cemoh HQ and the client.

🛑 Cancelling a day will automatically deduct your earnings on the dashboard 🛑

To cancel a day in the app, select the drop down option for the day you are cancelling in the dashboard:

Once selected, check that the date is correct and select confirm

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