What are contact reports and why are they important?

Contact reports are a great way to keep your clients and Cemoh HQ up to date with the terrific work that you have been doing.

Sending weekly client contact reports provides transparency, accountability and builds trust. This is aligned with our value of Radical Transparency.

Cemoh HQ has found from previous experience that the better the communication between the Cemoh and the client, the better the relationship is going forwards.

When to send a contact report

At the end of each week (or contact day if you are only with a client once per week), please complete a client contact report.

Contact reports are emailed to the client, Cemoh Talent Team as well as stored in the Cemoh App. This is for easy access to all.

How to send a contact report

Contact reports are submitted via the Cemoh App.

There are two ways to generate a contact report:

Using the shortcut button on the dashboard.

Via the client profile by clicking the 'New' button in the contact report section.

Here is a quick video showing you how to find it:

What to include in a contact report

Contact reports need to clearly communicate to the client:

  • A list of tasks that have been completed

  • Tasks that currently in progress

  • Additional resources/support required to complete tasks successfully

  • Key achievements expressed as numbers(e.g. measurable outcomes and K.P.Is)

  • General discussion points or uncertainties

You are free to structure your reports in any way you like, however we have provided a template pre loaded to help you get started. Below is a example of a great contact report.

Example Contact Report

Activities Completed

  • Caught up on emails and checked in with Barry regarding the status of his tasks for the marketing strategy for this month and how we'll tackle the strategy document.

  • Met with Gretel to discuss the status of work. She's getting back into social media for the brands and I discussed a design work that needs to be done for the E-commerce campaign. I will brief her fully next week.

  • Prepared for the sales meeting and met with Jacinta, Graham, and Gertrude to discuss the marketing strategy

  • Emailed Shopify follow-up questions for them to answer

  • Met with CEO to discuss strategy of product

  • Wrote up notes from marketing strategy calls

Planned Activities

  • Check-in with SEO for progress report

  • Update PPC campaign and artwork for new product launch

  • Make final updates to marketing plan and send it to Tracey

Discussion Points

  • Meetings with GMs - Insights/Information gathered

  • Campaign going live, lock in date for launch

  • Google analytics attribution needs to be checked

KPI Update

  • 59% YTD growth (revenue)

  • ROAS of 17 for latest shopping campaign

  • Organic traffic increase of 37%

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