What type of invoices does Cemoh send?

Cemoh has 3 types of invoices that we send

  1. Weekly recurring invoices for in house Cemoh services (A cemoh assigned to a business on a daily basis)

  2. Monthly recurring invoices for back of house support (Website hosting, PPC/SEO)

  3. One off invoices for projects or full time placements

For type 1 and 2 invoices, Cemoh offers the ability to either pay a recurring direct debit or to pay weekly/monthly invoices. To find out which is right for your business please read below.

Weekly Invoice Schedule

For all weekly invoices Cemoh will invoice seven days in advance of the service delivery.

For the below example, a invoice will be issued 7 days in advance of the Monday, and would be due on Day 1 of the service.








Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Direct Debit

The direct debit arrangements are managed via Pinch Payments. Once a contract is signed, Cemoh HQ will send you a link to set up your Pinch Payment pre authorisation. It's a simple process that will allow you to continue to manage payments leaving your account.

Invoices are still issued weekly, the payment is not deducted from your account until the invoiced due date. There is a small fee associated with using this platform, the full breakdown of these fees can be found here: Pinch Payment Fees

Pre Payment

For all recurring (Weekly / Monthly) services Cemoh does off the ability to manually pay weekly invoices. These repeating invoices requires four weeks advance payment. This pre payment is recognised in the final four weeks the contract, covering the minimum notice period.

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