Cemoh is, in essence, a people subscription service, similar to a phone or internet subscription.

Changing and Cancelling Services

If you'd like to change or cancel services, please submit a request via the live chat or email the operations team.

Please note that most of our services require a 1 month notice period. This is because we provide income stability to our valued consultants.

Pausing Services

When you hire a Cemoh, you are paying for their time and it's up to you to use this time effectively.

You must pay for contracted Cemoh time, irrespective of how much work you have for them to do on the day. This is the same as how cable TV, phone or internet subscriptions work.

That being said, if you need to pause a service for a period of time, please contact us via the live chat and do our best to help you. However, we cannot guarantee continuity of consultant, as they may be allocated to another client.

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